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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Return Road............

We recently were invited to the wedding of the daughter of some good friends. The wedding took place near the city of Grenada in the small crossroads of Gore Springs. It was more or less a return trip down a much traveled road. Our friends are close to us, but have been distanced by life and miles. When my wife and I were very young, we started our lives together in Grenada. It was our first permanent location after collage and marriage. It's where our son was born, we bought our first house and later built a house. We grew up as young parents, you might say, with these friends. The photo of this road that leads out to Grenada Lake is always full of memories.

Visiting with so many friends at the wedding was truly a trip down memory lane. I must admit I was flooded with memories and emotions when I took this photo from the over look area of Grenada on a frosty Sunday morning. It was and still is an important part of my family's lives.

This airport was a training facility during world war two for glider pilots that were used during the invasion of Europe. I soloed my first airplane here. I took my training for my Private and Commercial Pilots license from this field. Flying became an important part of my professional life and helped provide for my family. I still miss flying more than I can possibly explain to anyone.

The down town square, once the center of for city and county activity, now like so many other similar places, struggles for attention. Since Christmas was nearing, the city fathers had seen fit to decorate with what looks like replicas of a previous era. Sadly, it seems to be a tale of a time never to return.

This photo is fitting for the trip back to Grenada. Our friends daughter is headed down the road of marriage much like the couple in the mural on the wall of a store.
We returned on a familiar road to find so many things had changed, but even more important we discovered....... the memories had not.