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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Steam Power

The first weekend in November is the annual Soule' Steam and Feed Works celebration in Meridian. This facility manufactured steam engines with valve systems that allow variable speed control. It functioned as a foundry until approximately 2003. Some local business men purchased the facility and turned it into a remarkable museum.

A view of less than one fourth of the machine shop portion of the facility. Note the common shaft system of powering the individual machines.

One of the steam engines in operation along with just some of the products produced by Soule' as a foundry.

What would a Steam Festival be without a steam powered Calliope. The young man is pulling a rope attached to the steam whistle.

These have nothing to do with the Steam Festival, but I thought they were interesting. You can see what I do on good days.

A product from a bad back and a over active imagination. Who would think that birds go to church. Of course they must have lots of faith. How else could they fly.


  1. Hi Charles! It's about time you posted again!
    I enjoyed seeing these pictures although I know next to nothing about steam engines! The birdhouses are cute, too. Is there a hinged side or bottom so they can be cleaned easily? Do you sell these at Flea Markets, etc.?

  2. The museum (factory) looks very interesting. I would certainly like to visit it and see the machinery in operation. I would also like to hear the calliope.
    I really like your birdhouses.