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Hopefully, from time to time, I can share thoughts, experiences and photos from my part of the world. It will usually be opionated, hopefully interesting, or at least funny, and always SOUTHERN.

I make no apoligies for any of the above. I thank everyone for their input and feed back. I praise God. You see, I am proudly an American by birth, but thankfully a Southerner by the grace of God.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's difficult to realize that another 365 days have flashed by. The pages of the calender turned, a year gone by. The earth rotated, planets aligned and moved about their orbits. The seasons changed four distinct times. Newspaper headlines struck with bold print decrying all the first time occurrences, miracles and the mundane. We saw and heard about terrorism, natural and man made disasters, and the hate that drove it.

No matter how difficult or cruel we thought it had been, the day faded into night, and graced us with a view of Gods majesty. The night sky is something that always takes my breath. Even when I was a child, I would stand or lie in the yard or field at night and just stare with my mouth and mind agape. I studied the stars in grammar school science, but really began to learn about constellations when I began Boy Scouts. Night navigation was a big thing to the scouting program. I don't remember why it was such a big deal, they never let us get out of the camp site after dark.

The space program was ablaze in those days. N.A.S.A. was king. I watched every moment of television coverage of the space missions. I knew all the astronauts and their mission numbers. There was a period in my young life when I was consumed with space. I wasn't alone. My best buddy and every friend and relative we knew felt the same. We watched the night sky looking for identifiable planets, stars, or the every elusive satellite or space capsule. More than anything else it was an excuse to be outside at night and a way to pass time. We couldn't wait to grow up. We wanted the world to turn faster. Now I just wish things would slow down.

There were lots of sayings relating to time that I remember hearing as a child. Occasionally you hear some of those sayings even today. Things like,"it's been a month of Sundays since I saw you",or "I haven't seen him in a coon's age". My favorite was, "it's been a Blue Moon or two since I saw him". Even though the moon appears with a blue hue, the saying doesn't refer to that. It has nothing to do with the negative activities some folks participate in when it's at full glow. Experts still argue about whether the full moon causes crime sprees and general lunacy. What I believe is, it's certain that the Blue Moon floats into our lives with very little fan fare, brightens our lives and effects our moods and often leads us in one direction or the other.

The Blue Moon is held in high regard because of it's rarity. The term denotes the second full moon of a calender month. It's only fitting that 2009 ends and 2010 begins on such a special lunar occurrence. It's relatively rare, unique, brilliant and deeply affects those living creatures here on earth. This year like all the others of my life has been filled with Blue Moon people. Though some entered and departed my world, they always left a life long impression. Some showed up unexpectedly, shone brightly,and each improved my general mood and well being. They caused me, because of their rarity, to truly appreciate their brilliant presence. They caused me look with my mouth and mind agape. They embedded their glow in my heart and memory. They left me breathless.

Happy New Year,............ and here's wishing to all, many Blue Moons!


  1. Hi Charles! It'a good to see another interesting post from you! Although I've always heard the expressions about the Blue Moon, I didn't actually know that it occurred when there were two full moons in the same month!

    I just checked to see if I could get a shot of it and there's not a chance because of cloud cover. Wishing you a Happy New Year and many more interesting blog posts!

  2. I wasn't aware of the facts concerning the "blue moon" appreciate the info. When I was a kid I almost blew myself up making model rockets.